Dec donnelly dating ashley

18-Aug-2017 15:31

‘People have often thought they were together – but it’s only recently they finally became an item.

If you had a large window, you'd pay more for curtains." Unsurprisingly viewers were enraged by Lizzie’s comments with many siding with Piers who was strongly on the opposing side.

However, she was coy when asked about it by the Daily Mirror, saying “We’re trying to keep it out of the public eye,” which certainly suggests something’s going on, though also suggests that it’s not so serious that they’re comfortable taking it out into the open.

Roberts continued that “We’re just getting to know each other,” adding “we’re having fun, but I’m single.

I love both those guys” presumably also meaning Ant.

For some reason the former Dancing On Ice judge was also asked about Prince Harry, but she dismissed him out of hand, laughing “All these boys I’m supposed to be dating… I’m actually the total opposite.” Well that’s good news for cheeky northern chappie Dec.

In the recent post-jungle show 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!